Saturday, August 22, 2015


Ivaan made several silver walking cane handles, all of them different, but each in an elaborate Art Nouveau style.  This is the one he kept for himself.
I've been wanting to post this as part of 30 Pieces of Silver, but I knew it was going to be a horrible amount of work to polish it without removing the wooden cane.  And I didn't want to over-polish it, in which case I would not be able to take a photograph that captured the detail.   As it turned out, I need not have feared over-polishing it.  It was so hard to polish it even this much, I probably should have worn full body armour.

Contrary to popular belief, polishing does not involve sitting there with a little cloth and rubbing it a bit.  Jewellery polishing takes place on a wheel attached to a big industrial motor that spins around at considerable speed.  I felt like I was whitewater rafting, desperately trying not to lose control of my paddle.  Or motorcycling with Ivaan on the back of my bike, constantly shifting his weight. Grrrr.

And here's a close-up to show you what the inside of the cane handle looks like.  Like Ivaan's sterling silver thimbles, it's not a hundred percent practical to use, but who cares, when it's this beautiful?  When I'm old and grey (now for example) maybe I'll start using it.

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