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I've often told the story of Connie, a remarkable woman with whom I worked for several years.  Connie was what used to be called "well bred" and although that's a laughably quaint expression these days, it was definitely a factor in many of her life choices.  Connie was very well spoken, with a rich vocabulary and considerable erudition.  Had she not been from a certain stratum of society, in a particular era, it's possible Connie might have gone into the theatre. She had a flair for the dramatic, and easily commanded a room with her strong, handsome features and rich laugh. Connie had two daughters, Vanessa and Tanya, who inherited her good looks and huge personality.

Connie had always planned to buy bracelets by Ivaan for her daughters, and she often told a very funny story of the day she went to Ivaan's studio and found the door locked.  Ivaan's working hours were always extremely erratic, and Connie never did get to buy any bracelets, but she had a memorable afternoon in any event. After her death, Ivaan wanted very much to contact her daughters and give them each a piece of his jewellery, thus closing the loop on the bracelet story.

Shortly after Ivaan's death, I was able to contact Tanya, the younger daughter. She came to see an exhibition of Ivaan's work, saw his website and loved this ring. She directed her sister Vanessa to the website and, incredibly, Vanessa chose the exact same ring.  It's been known as the Connie Ring ever since.  It really reminds me of Connie: it's a highly unusual, feminine piece of architecture, very strong because the band connects with the top in multiple places.  I know Connie would consider her mission accomplished.  One day I'd like to have a photo of the hands of all the women who wear this ring.  Maybe I'll arrange it one day.

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