Saturday, December 1, 2012


On December 6, 7, 8 and 9,  in loving tribute to Ivaan, ATELIER IVAAN will be marking the fourth anniversary of his having left the planet by offering 20 % off all Ivaan's jewellery to registered Organ and Tissue donors.

Earlier this week, I attended the Trillium Gift of Life Network's Donor Medal event at the Palais Royale in Toronto, where I made a speech to an audience of Donor Families about being a hero.  I was thrilled to be presented with a Donor Medal engraved with Ivaan's name, in honour of his having been a donor.  It was a proud moment to be among so many wonderful donor families and staff of Trillium Gift of Life Network.  These people are indeed heroes to me.  Another of my heroes also spoke at the event.  Her name is Jennifer M.  She's a beautiful, vibrant lady, who was accompanied by her two charming and handsome sons.  Jennifer is the recent recipient of a donated heart.  Every time a potential recipient agrees to undergo transplant surgery, they become a hero: it's always a risky surgical procedure and even if it's a complete success, recipients face a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs  and constant monitoring. Seriously, it takes  huge courage to agree to undergo an organ transplant.  But every time someone does, they improve the odds of the next transplant recipient surviving, because the surgical team's expertise increases with every procedure.  Successful recipients also raise the public profile of organ and tissue donation - something Ontario desperately needs, as our number of registered donors is shamefully low.

If you'd like to acquire some of Ivaan's beautiful jewellery and you don't live in Ontario, we'll happily honour the 20% discount. If you live in Ontario but you're not already a registered donor, you you can register online in advance at or bring along your Province of Ontario Health Card from December 6th to 9th and we'll help you to sign up on the spot.

And, hey, ask to see Ivaan's Donor Medal. It will be proudly on display.  I'll even post a photo of it...when I figure out how to take a good picture of something so shiny.

Ivaan, this week and every week, you are loved and missed more than I can say.   Not only are you Canada's National Treasure, you are my personal hero.

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