Thursday, September 9, 2010


This happens all the time: I'll be going through Ivaan's jewellery and I'll stop in my tracks and say, "Why haven't I paid attention to this ring/bracelet/pendant before?"  Usually it's as a result of trying something on and realizing it fits me.  That was the case with this ring.  It's been in the Art Gallery of Ontario for months.  We were recently switching up the AGO inventory and I brought it home with the others from the Tutankhamun exhibition.  Our nephew Ivor, who is the newly-appointed Vice President of Atelier Ivaan, was doing inventory  last week and I saw him photographing this ring.  I think it looks amazing on me.  Ivaan used to say, "I only make two sizes:  too big and too small."  This explains why most of the things he made don't fit me.  This one is totally gorgeous, though, AND it fits me.  This is a vintage ring - I think he made it in 1980.  I totally love the things he made in that era, many of which I have never seen before.  In another post, I'll explain why I've never seen them and why I'm discovering them now.  Meanwhile, isn't this ring exquisitely beautiful?  Also, in a later post, I'm going to include a photo of Lana's new thumb ring, which has been officially named the Lana Ring because it is uniquely and totally Lana.

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