Sunday, November 8, 2015



Today I received an email from a guy named Bob, who had lived in Ivaan's Yonge and Wellesley neighbourhood in the 1970s.  He sent me this snapshot of Ivaan, taken in 1974.  It's fortuitous that the photo arrived just at this moment, because I'm editing the text for my upcoming book, 30 Pieces of Silver. One of the chapters is about Ivaan's sculpture of his nose.  I couldn't confirm what year the sculpture was made, because I didn't know what year Ivaan renounced his moustache.  The moustache played a painful part in the story of the sculpture.  If you want to read about it, you can scroll back through the blog entries to the post about the  nose sculpture.  It's Part 26 in the  30 Pieces of Silver series.  It's also interesting because Ivaan is wearing the exact same outfit he wore in the photograph heading the Contact page of our website,, so  it's possible the two photos were taken on the same day.

So now I know the answer to my question: the nose sculpture dates from 1974. Another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.  Thanks, Bob!

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