Friday, October 1, 2010


Several years ago, Ivaan and I became acquainted with two young people, Erin and Alex, who were filmmakers, and partners with our longtime friend Iain Robinson in Endless Films.    As we got to know them better, Ivaan became quite fond of them, and in his quiet way mentioned to me that he hoped they would one day get married.   

Three years ago, we became next-door neighbours to Erin and Alex, as our condo building was right beside the building where Endless Films was located.  We'd see them out and about in the neighbourhood, and I could see exactly what Ivaan meant:  it was one of those relationships where each seemed to be visibly enhanced by the presence of the other.

One day, Ivaan said: "Please email Iain Robinson for me.   Ask him to tell Alex that if he proposes to Erin, I'll offer them their choice of wedding rings."   Iain's response was polite but firm:  "No way", he said.  "I have to work with these people.  I'd like to see them married too, and if it happens, great, but I'm not interfering in their private lives."   Wise words.

Ivaan was not deterred....much.  We talked about it before his death, and he left me with a to-do list.  This was one of the items on the list.  Shortly after his death, Alex and Erin attended a 40-year retrospective of Ivaan's art...and lo and behold, Erin was sporting an engagement ring.    I told her and Alex the story about Ivaan's determination to see them married.  They accepted his offer of wedding rings with enthusiasm, were married on September 3rd, 2010, and kindly invited me to their wedding.  Unfortunately, due to a family commitment, I was unable to attend, but heard afterwards that Alex made a heartfelt tribute to Ivaan during his speech.  Ivaan would have been extremely gratified to see his wish fulfilled.  

Today I received this card (above) from the happy newlyweds.  (Good work, Ivaan.)