Sunday, July 15, 2018


Several months ago I had an email from a guy called Ryan Worden.   Ryan and his girlfriend Corrie used to be frequent photo subjects of Ivaan's on Queen Street West in Toronto.  Ryan worked in a tattoo parlour and was a regular fixture of the Queen West neighbourhood in the 1990s.

Cut to 2018:  Ryan and his wife Corrie are now the parents of four girls.  They live in Lindsay Ontario where they have their own tattoo shop.  Ryan is now 45.  They just wrote to get in touch and tell me how much they treasure this photo that Ivaan took of them just around the time they started dating when Ryan was 20 and Corrie was 19.

They were a striking looking couple then, and I'll bet they still are.  I can't wait to meet them one day when they and their daughters make the trek down to Toronto and stop by for a visit.

Corrie and Ryan Worden
©2009 City of Toronto Archives

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