Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The Mogen David, or Star of David, is a six-sided star consisting of one triangle superimposed on another.  It is an important symbol worn by many Jews.  Ivaan was interested in it on many levels, not the least of which was its shape.  From an engineering perspective, the triangle is the most stable of structures, and it is a shape that occurs in many of Ivaan's pieces.

Most Stars of David, however, are flat, as though they were stamped out of sheet metal.  Even the ones that  look as though they are composed of two intertwined triangles still have that flat appearance.  So the Star of David was pretty much calling for Ivaan to rescue it from mediocrity.  It is often beautifully rendered on paper or on textile, but it's something that needs to be three dimensional when made in metal.

So Ivaan modelled his Star of David on the shape of a chicken wishbone.  Not duplicated slavishly,  but capturing that sinuous shape.

This is the Star of David he made for me in 1998. As you can see, it is actually intertwined, not just an optical illusion.  He made it in silver first of all, to ensure I loved it, saying he would make me a gold one, but I totally preferred it in silver right from the start, and that's how it has come to be part of  this collection.  This one is an inch in diameter.  Ivaan also made a larger version, as well as a larger version with his signature beading, but I have always preferred the smaller size.  I particularly love it when someone wants to order one, not because they have any connection to Judaism, but because they just love it as a piece of art.

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