Monday, August 10, 2015



Ivaan made this belt buckle for himself, originally, in bronze.  I've always loved it, and when I was thinking of a gift for our friend Joseph, who was about to officiate at our wedding, I asked Ivaan how he felt about making it in sterling silver and that I'd choose a special belt for it.  Ivaan agreed.  I was pretty sure Joseph would like it, but he has very particular tastes, so I decided that I'd nonchalantly show it to him, tell him it was a project Ivaan was working on, and gauge his reaction.  It was a relief when Joseph appeared to really admire it. Then there was the delicate little matter of figuring out what belt size Joseph wears.  It's not a question you can just blurt out to someone. So I found an excellent carved leather belt and bought two of them.  I figured I'd put the smaller one on Joseph's buckle and if it was too small, I'd have a back-up. As it happened, it was the right fit, so Ivaan got to put the larger size belt on his buckle.  Sometimes we'd all go out in the evening and Ivaan and Joseph would be wearing their matching belts.

I can't remember what the occasion was, but I think February 2005 was the tenth anniversary of my taking piano lessons with my poor beleaguered piano teacher, Andrew.  It felt like a milestone occasion, so I made Andrew the same belt buckle, also in sterling.  I put a black leather belt on it too.  Any time you are out and about and you see a man wearing a belt buckle like this, you will know that is someone who has played an enormous part in my life.

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