Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MORE OR LESS: You Be The Judge

Sometimes, it's a tough call, deciding whether to enhance a ring with gemstones.  Ivaan's art is in the metal, but just occasionally, a gemstone
adds a little kick that makes the piece attention grabbing from half a block away.  I had a couple of really sparkly diamonds here.  I decided to make a white gold ring to set them in.  Ivaan had made a couple of engagement rings in this vein - one with a very substantial diamond, one a more delicate ring. Both brides love them, and who wouldn't?

Today, I was making a ring in this style for the inventory, and I was looking rather wistfully at the unadorned ring, beside the ring I'd set with diamonds, wondering which I like better.  Here they are:

Normally, it's not a democracy here at Atelier Ivaan, but today, you get to vote.

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