Sunday, April 21, 2013

STANDING SIX (feet tall)

IVAAN KOTULSKY, by Daniel P. Izzard (c) 2002
Ivaan's portrait is hanging in the window of Atelier Ivaan at present.  I like it there; it's very eye catching.  He's  standing in a very take-charge pose, and coincidentally he's exactly six feet tall.  That's a perfect example of art imitating life.

This evening, I was in the back of the store, in the dark, just gazing out the window.  I'd have been invisible to passersby.

A young woman was walking her bicycle along the sidewalk past Atelier Ivaan. She looked up at this handsome guy standing in the window with his arms folded, nodded at him and smiled, then continued on her way.  Three steps later, she suddenly stopped and backed up.  Glancing at the handsome guy again, she realized she'd just nodded and smiled at a portrait, and just burst out laughing.

Standing in the back of the store, though she couldn't see me, I couldn't help laughing too.  He's pretty easy on the eyes.

In the world of criminal justice, there is an expression, "standing six", which means "acting as a lookout".  I love to know that Ivaan is  standing six over me and his little empire, here at Atelier Ivaan.          

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