Friday, April 1, 2022


Today is a big day. Not only is it April Fools Day, it's also my wedding anniversary, (27 if you care), and the third anniversary of my owning this swell place. I'm always pretty pleased with myself on April 1st because, even though it's still cold, I know how quickly that can change to warm, and that's when my life begins anew. To celebrate, I decided to paint the brick fireplace again. This is the fourth time I've painted it. It's been blue/grey, it's been white, it's been pale green, and now it's navy blue - a really deep, saturated navy: exactly the colour of the wood floor in the living room. The woodburning insert is very dark green and the door trim is copper coloured. Anyway, it's done. Maybe it's going to need a few touch-ups when I look at it in the daylight. But for now it looks dark and moody, the kind of fireplace in front of which you can read a really good book, or think deep thoughts. Because sometimes I do that, too. Happy Anniversary to me.

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