Friday, September 13, 2013


Seashore Bangle (c) Estate of Ivaan Kotulsky
It's probably a natural instinct among people who own retail operations, the ability to predict an emerging trend.  I do not have that natural instinct.    So it was a complete surprise to me to realize that there were almost no bracelets left in the showcases.   Little by little, all the bracelets had been sold, while I remained seemingly oblivious.

The wax injector was set up in the store, so I brought up some rubber bracelet moulds from the basement and started making waxes, just to see what I came up with.  Wax injecting requires a strong, steady pair of hands and an even temperament, because even if you inject a perfect wax, you might break it getting it out of the rubber mould.

The stars were aligned last week, because Angus and Sara spent a few days here.  You remember the story about Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence and convincing his friend Huckleberry Finn how much fun it was?  Well, something like that occurred around here and Angus, watching me  inject waxes, asked, "Would it be okay if I tried one?" And before you know it, Angus and Sara were having fun injecting waxes and I was making myself look busy with other things.

Angus and Sara seemed to have a natural ability to inject waxes, and quite soon I had quite a few perfect waxes of bracelets.  So it has been a busy week casting and finishing new bracelets.  I've never even seen the Seashore Bangle, above, but it's absolutely beautiful.  Then, there's the double calla lily bracelet - in bronze, it's Sara's favourite - which is a happy coincidence, as it fits her perfectly.

Double Calla Lily Bangle (c) 1999 Estate of Ivaan Kotulsky
I definitely won't be posting a photo of my hands any time soon.  They are a sorry sight from all the grinding and polishing that has occurred this week. But here's the tips of my fingers holding one final bracelet, a sterling silver cuff bracelet with two bead-set amethysts, the original of which Ivaan made as a commission for the Art Gallery of Ontario back in 1980.

Sterling Cuff With Amethysts (c) 1980 Estate of Ivaan Kotulsky
Angus and Sara:  if you're reading this, merci mille fois!  You totally made my week.  Come back for a visit as soon as you're back in town.  I'll put the kettle - and the wax injector - on.

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